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Detour Maps not only aims to help it’s users and community members, but also aids the local businesses in the community to a large extent!

We entitle businesses in communities to promote and sell their merchandise and services. Our user-oriented, extensively built DM application empowers businesses with all the required features and portals they need to run and promote their services.

We have 5 categories where you can locate the businesses


The services we provide are our priority. For a community to function better, the members should know about prospective libraries, banks, financial firms, estates, post offices, plumbing and other insurance offices. We take the responsibility to bring these public services to you and help you connect with them better!


Food is energy! We all love to explore different cuisines at best prices. DM brings to you an inventory of restaurants serving lip smacking food in your communities and neighborhoods.


Health is wealth! We provide our users with complete information of hospitals and insurance services available within the community.


The next biggest asset after owning a home is a vehicle. DM brings to you a number of automobile showrooms where you can crack a great deal with your new ride!


Enhance your beauty with our interesting deals at the many beautifully equipped salons and spas in your community.

Cost-Efficient Promotions

Detour Maps lets businesses promote their offers by staying within the community. Now local businesses needn’t venture out of their community to find a party to help them promote their business. Detour Maps lie well within the community thereby proving to be extremely cost-effective and beneficial.

Extend support within the communities

Detour Maps works to keep the revenue within the community as much as possible to uplift the social and economic relationships between businesses and community members. We advise businesses who COULD take advantage to participate in sponsorships to support public and private organizations, events or other means, hereby in turn making a mark of their business in the community!

Connect Businesses and Organizations

Detour Maps is well equipped with its marketing tools and sprawling network which acts as a binding agent between businesses and some participating organizations! Detour Maps assists businesses to connect with those organizations and take advantage of the various services rendered from them.

Effective Promotions through our Marketing Expertise

Local Businesses can now take advantage of promoting their services, deals and loyalty programs through our well-designed marketing materials in the form of community maps, newsletters, brochures, banners, flyers and booklets.

Increase in Clientele

Detour Maps has helped businesses grow their clientele a great extent! For example, if a business promotes its deals with us, this increases in the number of promotional cards and scans of that coupon, which increases the number of customers redeeming the deal. This not only keeps the interest of users, but also proves healthy for a thriving business in the community.

Special Advises

Detour Maps find interest in advising businesses of what services they can take advantage of. Detour Maps helps businesses identify the right kind of deal they can involve in (whether Smart Buys, $10 Off, Freebies, 05 Visits or all). Businesses can be advised for the kind of events they could schedule with Detour Maps. Advises related to branding material and social media are also considered with businesses through Detour Maps.